Swing copters is a lot harder than flappy bird.

What do you think needs to change for curse to become one of the best teams? Any play substitutions?

Honestly I think it’s just consistency issues and communication.
I don’t think any of them need substituted. Quas has shown that he’s a force to be reckoned with, Cop is the most consistent Adc in the LCS, xpecial is xpecial, voyboy(besides the Akali) has done some fabulous work on Yasuo and some other champs, and Dominate is a great aggressive jungler who can hit smites. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m not an analyst or a coach, but it’s just me.

I’m not so grumpy about the curse loss anymore. Yeah it sucks and I would have liked to see them at world’s, but if it was any team to shut out Curse, I’m glad it was LMQ. I’m glad they’re going to Worlds.

Which city in florida do you live in? I'll understand if you dont want to say it.

I live in West Palm Beach.

im sorry about the curse thing, i feel your pain im a clg fan :(

Ah yes, CLG fans do know the pain. <3

Got myself milkshakes and Hell’s Kitchen now :3

Got to ignore 5 people, keep it coming.

why is everyone getting salty about you liking curse wtf?????? its a team chill wow

apparently, “thats what you get for being stuck up ;)”. I dunno, i’m just going to block all those people. Oh well.

Not posting any more anons. If you are being rude you’ll be blocked.
Not going to turn off anon either. I need a douchebag magnet so I can block them all.

Please stop sending me anons that Curse sucks. I’m so fucking tired of all you motherfuckers