Musical Hero’s Bag

Break out the ocarina, Wind Waker, harp or flute to play your favorite Legend of Zelda tune off these new messenger bags from Level Up Studios. Each messenger bag comes with ten rubber song note pins so you can compose your favorite song on the embroidered musical score on the flap. 

I found this YouTube playlist of all the Ocarina of Time songs and I’m obsessed. I’ve been listening to it non-stop. It’s fun to relive in-game memories and my productivity skyrockets whenever I listen to it.  

I will standby that Song of Storms is the best Legend of Zelda song followed closely by the Legend of Zelda Opening Theme. What’s your favorite Zelda song? 

Hero’s Bag ($37.99) & Hero’s Satchel ($32.99) from Level Up Studios 

I’m extremely tempted to buy this………

Holy shit.

I just saw The Legends of Zelda Skyward Sword commericial, with the sword and sheild falling out of the sky, into peoples homes and shit.

I have what it takes to wield that sword! FALL INTO MY HOUSE! NAO!

I’d like everyone to meet, Kokiri<3

I cannot stress how happy i am right now<333333

2-3 business days, and i will be the happiest girl everrrr.

Oh, Kokiri<333

Decided to name my Ocarina, Kokiri <3