Here is a list of stupid and useless things I want.

A Hearthstone Necklace

The DRUID Dogtag.

Link’s Hat.

A Boba Fett Hoodie

A new Ocarina, this time a 6 hole one.

A Slytherin Necklace.

Horde Shirt

Druid Shirt

All of which would cost at the very least, $187… NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING… I dont think I can get all this stuff…

I don’t know why I’m getting all dressed up to look cute at the movie theaters when I’m just going with my mom and her boyfriend… It’s not like I have anyone to go with, and it’s not like even if i saw any cute guys, I’d have the guts to ask for a one night date, or a one night fling. bahhh. I guess i’ll just go and look cute for Chris Evans, even though he wont be able to see me THROUGH the screen.

Lord of the Rings 30 Day Challenge.

Day 15: The Spiffiest Dresser:

Kills me to admit it, but Arwen wins this. She has the best clothes in all of Middle Earth, and is truely beautiful, No doubt the winner of this ,

I just don’t like how all of her dresses are SO low cut that it makes her look broad shouldered, and makes her seem as if she has bearly any boobs at all.