6:45 AM and I have my first 85 :3 

I’m such a nooblet.

Now it is time for bed. goodnight everyone<3



I was surprised to find out the return address was Germany xD

Mangle That Ogre Pussy ;D


Here is a list of stupid and useless things I want.

A Hearthstone Necklace

The DRUID Dogtag.

Link’s Hat.

A Boba Fett Hoodie

A new Ocarina, this time a 6 hole one.

A Slytherin Necklace.

Horde Shirt

Druid Shirt

All of which would cost at the very least, $187… NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING… I dont think I can get all this stuff…

Ridin’ on the Kitteh, Like a boss!

So for Christmas, I’m asking for any one of these t-shirts/jackets

I would so rock any of those xD

That awkward moment when your smoke detector keeps going off, and you never leave or even think about leaving the dungeon, you just put cover your ears and keep playing.

true story.

I may be an ugly bat, but i made it to 60 and am in Outlands again.

Highest level of my 3 druids, I got bored of the others, but I’m betting this one will be my first 85 <3

The only two reasons i went to quest in Winterspring<3

The Star Wars reference <3

and The Winterspring Cub that i wanted <3