So i was in the capture the flag BG, and it was 2to2 and 3 minutes left, and I decided to go stealth(feral druid) and try my best to get the flag, and i got it and started running back, my heart was beating out of my chest and im freakin out. and whataya know, I did it, Me and the druid protecting me were the reasons we won. AND i was the lowest level allowed in the BG. AND~ I’ve only ever done a capture the flag BG once, cause i didnt really like them….MIND CHANGED.

Just goes to show, Lowbies and Newbies can do anything :3

You don’t have to be proud or care, but I do, and am proud of myself.

Newb rant for the day, athankyou.


Druid-love forever<3

WoW dilemma,

Now that I’ve actually started playing my Tauren Druid, i have her to 45, but now im really wishing she was a troll, cause they look so much cooler in cat form…

Race changes are too expensive, and im waaaaay too lazy to level up another feral Druid ALL over again……..ugh

Gettin myself the Druid and Paladin one :3

World of Warcraft: Alliance or Horde?

I am relatively new at the game and i would appreciate serious answers, cause I’m curious, Can someone tell me why people seem to hate the alliance side more then the horde?