I’d be a Fire Bender.

I took my personality into question as I was answering this. I think Firebending would suit me more then the other elements would. Also, there is such great power in firebending. As long as you learn to control it, you’re golden.

Earth, Fire, Water, or Air?

Which would you rather bend?

EDIT: Pick ONE, stop being a greedy party pooper and saying "I’ma be the Avatar, hurr durr." The point of the question was for you to pick ONE

Mai: [Looking at sunset with Zuko] Orange is such an awful color.
Prince Zuko: [Zuko snickers] You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
Mai: I don't hate you.
Prince Zuko: I don't hate you too.
Our Pumpkins, Kyle’s is the one all the way to the right, my Horde one from yesterday, and my skull from today.

^^ side of Kyle’s pumpkin.


We had our opening show at 11:15… or we thought it would be at 11:15, but the Fire Alarm went off around 10:30, and we all had to evacuate. At this point, the full cast was in make-up and Costumes, ready to go on stage. We walked outside to stand for over an hour, because the alarm wouldnt go off. People started showing up to see the play but instead saw all the characters outside waiting for the alarm to go off.

also… Palm Beach County Fire Department SUCKS. they’re, not even kidding, right across the street from our school, and didnt show up to turn off the alarm or even check to see if the school was burning down. AFTER AN HOUR.

But we ended up starting the show late, at noon, everything went amazingly, and even though, this last week was HELL, i think i might actually miss Into The Woods when its over.


You must never give in to despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.

Uncle Iroh

Avatar, The Last Airbender.

You keep asking me why I get angry so fast, well truth of the matter is, I DONT KNOW, and you KEEP ASKING, When I already told you my honest to God answer. You may think thats a little rediculous that I dont know whats going on in my own head, but the mind is a puzzle, and even though its MY brain and MY mind, I dont have the key to break the code. SORRY.


Why was the Balrog falling when Gandalf fought it, if it had wings?

Love it!

Love it!