The truth can be harsh, but its what needs to be said.

You don’t think i already feel bad enough? Nono, telling me you think you might love me won’t make me feel worse(sarcasm).

Yeah, I understand things suck right now for you, because i said we should be friends, But I’m taking this time to figure out what really makes me happy, because that’s what really matters to me, Is MY happiness.

What i really and honestly think i should do, is talk things over with my ex and see about all that, because I do still miss him, and being with him, and having such a mature, non high-school drama relationship.

It will suck, and I’m sorry, but in my opinion, everyone needs their heart broken or hurt at least once in their life, to REALLY appreciate everything they have.

To sum up, we will be friends, and i’m not just saying that to start ditching you, i mean, BE FRIENDS, hang out at lunch in school, and chill together in drama.


If you want to,
I miss raving so much,

It’s so much more then getting tipsy, or high, or just a crazy party.

It’s the connection everyone feels when the music starts playing.

It’s the way everyone, even though we don’t know each other, gets along, like we’ve been best friends since kindergarden.

I want to get all dressed up in my Fluffies, Kandi, a cute tank top, and go out with my friends like old times.

I want to shuffle again, like i did 3 years ago, not around a bunch of LMFAO fans.

There’s no way to describe that after-rave feeling.

I wish to feel this greatness again


why yes, many actually.

why yes, many actually.

sadly true :/

sadly true :/