So at work today,

My ex girlfriend, Katie, from 2 years ago came into subway… o.o

I haven’t seen this girl in these last 2 years, and I will admit, I still have feelings for her.

The only reason we had broken up and went our seperate ways, is because of my mom.

My mom had never agreed with our relationship, and she didn’t like Katie.

My mom made me choose between my family and Katie, which I probably will never forgive her for, I just will forget about it…

When I saw her, I was making her moms sandwhich with her standing against the wall, I double taked when I saw her, as she did the same, we both recognized each other and started giggling immediately like schoolgirls. After i had finished making her mothers sub, I ran out of the back door, and jumped into her embrace, and we stood there hugging for about 5 whole minutes. I almost cried, it was such a beautiful moment. 

I found out she was doing well for herself and she was happy, which in turn made me one of the happiest people ever, at that point in time. Then we said our goodbyes and she walked out the door with her mother.

I stood there, smiling to myself for the next half an hour as I worked.

It doesn’t help me that she got even hotter since the last time i saw her… 

"You know you love someone, when their interests become your own."

I heard that quote somewhere, or something extremely similar, anyone know where it’s from?

Is it wrong to ask my boyfriend if he would slow down or stop talking to this one girl(who i’m pretty sure likes him) because it really bothers me, and is making me really jealous? she texts him all the time, EVEN when we’re out on dates. He doesnt text back then, but she’ll send him 6 messages until he replies, “im out with my gf, ttyl” She just gives me a really bad feeling in my stomach, and we’ve talked about it, he says i don’t trust him, and he shouldn’t have to ask permission to talk to a friend. which i guess is right… but i cant stand this random fucking girl, who i’ve never met, calling and texting him all the time. And THEN i feel like if i ask him to please not talk to her as much, and he says no, hes choosing this girl over me, and we’ve been together for 8 months :(


I would ask in form of a question so you can answer that way, but tumblr wont let me ask anymore questions today… :/

As much as I love playing WoW


It’s the reason my boyfriend is home on his ONE day off, instead of hanging out with me :(


When men/boys have a bad day do they just want everyone to leave them alone or do they want people, like their girlfriend to talk to them and try to make everything better?