My cousin said Chris Evans wasn’t cute.


I’m sorry what?

You think this isn’t cute? VVV

His shirt doesnt even fit right.

OHHHH, I see what you meant, He’s not cute, HE’S SMOKIN’ HOT. SEXY AS CAN BE.

So I finally saw “Horrible Bosses” and I thought it was hilarious <3

It had Charlie Day in it ;D

Colin Farrell ;D

(i like the scruff, if you couldn’t tell)

AND it even had Jennifer Aniston as a brunette. She definatly looked amazing in this movie ;)

Odd story.
I was told this today.

"I think its safe to say your ‘crush’ on Chris Evans, has turned into a full on obsession."


I mean look at that eyebrow! lmao

Jenna Marbles-How to make pick-up and hook-up lines. ;D

I want all my followers to think to themselves, What is your favorite thing about yourself, and what is one thing you’d change?
Handsome, breath-taking, and charming

Handsome, breath-taking, and charming

My love

My love

My boyfriend wants me to play World of Warcraft with him, and he wants me to be a tank cause he thinks itd be hot, should I?