You’re always trying to 1-up me. Its very aggravating. Ever since YOU told me, we werent going to work out, and I tried to move on by getting a new boyfriend, you’re always trying to mention little things to me, trying to annoy me. It seems like you want to put me in tears. I think you made up this “girlfriend” of yours, she doesnt even have a real facebook profile picture. and i know you’ve made fake pages before. you’re always talking about her to me, when all this time i’ve been respectful to you not talking about my boyfriend. As if i cared about you two.

You told me you loved me, I really liked you too, you played me for a fool, and now you try and rub it in my face.

why must you torture me.

You even argue with me that its MY fault we didnt date, even though YOU told ME, I lived too far, and I was too young.

Fuck this, no more. I missed you enough to put up with it until now. But i cant take it anymore.

Goodbye with a tear in my eye, I just can’t talk to you anymore.