As you wish.
Wesley, The Princess Bride
So at work today,

My ex girlfriend, Katie, from 2 years ago came into subway… o.o

I haven’t seen this girl in these last 2 years, and I will admit, I still have feelings for her.

The only reason we had broken up and went our seperate ways, is because of my mom.

My mom had never agreed with our relationship, and she didn’t like Katie.

My mom made me choose between my family and Katie, which I probably will never forgive her for, I just will forget about it…

When I saw her, I was making her moms sandwhich with her standing against the wall, I double taked when I saw her, as she did the same, we both recognized each other and started giggling immediately like schoolgirls. After i had finished making her mothers sub, I ran out of the back door, and jumped into her embrace, and we stood there hugging for about 5 whole minutes. I almost cried, it was such a beautiful moment. 

I found out she was doing well for herself and she was happy, which in turn made me one of the happiest people ever, at that point in time. Then we said our goodbyes and she walked out the door with her mother.

I stood there, smiling to myself for the next half an hour as I worked.

It doesn’t help me that she got even hotter since the last time i saw her… 

This Video is called the The Gay Rights Movement, and it literally brought me to tears. 

I’m so glad that I have that type of relationship that if I text him and he doesn’t text back for a half an hour, then explains that it was because he was in a battleground, I can fully understand that.

And when he comes over, and I’m fishing for a sea pony, he’ll jump into a conversation with me to make my fishing more enjoyable and wait a half an hour till I’m done, and not get mad.

I love him

Mai: [Looking at sunset with Zuko] Orange is such an awful color.
Prince Zuko: [Zuko snickers] You're so beautiful when you hate the world.
Mai: I don't hate you.
Prince Zuko: I don't hate you too.

"You know you love someone, when their interests become your own."

I heard that quote somewhere, or something extremely similar, anyone know where it’s from?

Somehow everything’s gonna fall right into place
If we only had a way to make it all fall faster everyday
If only time flew like a dove
Well God, make it fly faster than I’m falling in love

This time we’re not giving up
Let’s make it last forever
Screaming “hallelujah”
We’ll make it last forever