So i was thinking about maybe trying to learn a new language…

So I went to go look at Rosetta Stone languages… To learn Mandarin Chinese, It would cost me up to $550.

Guess I’m not learning another language. LOL Money is holding back my knowledge of the world. I very much dislike this.

Starting to feel like my Sifu is more about the money than the teaching of martial arts.

I don’t know what to do. Should I find a new place? or is he just trying to make his honest living WHILE teaching martial arts?

I’m sorry mom, But i miss WoW too much, I’m using your credit card for another month.

I’ll give you 15 dollars when the bill comes. :X

Just got that heartbreaking e-mail, that my WoW expires in 3 days…

and i dont know if ill be able to go to Game-Stop of Wal-mart to get a new 60 day card :(

Wahhh :( I just realized if I didn’t have to spend $30 on a WoW card in 6 days, I’d have enough money to buy my Ocarina! D;

Goddamn this addiction…