Here is a list of stupid and useless things I want.

A Hearthstone Necklace

The DRUID Dogtag.

Link’s Hat.

A Boba Fett Hoodie

A new Ocarina, this time a 6 hole one.

A Slytherin Necklace.

Horde Shirt

Druid Shirt

All of which would cost at the very least, $187… NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING… I dont think I can get all this stuff…

Christmas and my birthday need to hurry up, so I can maybe get some money for all the useless things I want…


  • My Horde hoodie,
  • My “I’m only here because my server is down” t-shirt,
  • My Slytherin necklace,
  • My Boba Fett helmet,
  • The beautiful Guan Dao they have for sale in Zen Garden,
  • Legends of Zelda Skyward Sword,
  • and last red hair dye.

GAWD, reading back over this list… I’m a DORK!

I need money for this stuff, because my family doesnt agree with buying me stupid things.

Got Kyle a gorgeous necklace for christmas.

Its real a Jade, and sterling silver, dragon. Symbolizing Wisdom and Power.


Also got him an Iron Man finger puppet… it was 50 cents from those mechines at the mall. Iron Man is his favorite. I kept trying until i got it for him. I ended up getting a Venom, and what I think is Doctor Doom one. lol 3rd try I got Iron Man,

I was kind hoping for a Captain America or Thor one too, but oh well

I’m probably going to get him more, I just haven’t decided on what, yet.

Chillin’ in my room with Kyle’s Giant shirt, and the pretty Yin/Yang piece necklace :3

I’ve got the Yin: Feminine, Dark, and Passive.

He’s Got Yang: Masculine, Light, and Active.

One cannot survive without the other<3