So at work today,

My ex girlfriend, Katie, from 2 years ago came into subway… o.o

I haven’t seen this girl in these last 2 years, and I will admit, I still have feelings for her.

The only reason we had broken up and went our seperate ways, is because of my mom.

My mom had never agreed with our relationship, and she didn’t like Katie.

My mom made me choose between my family and Katie, which I probably will never forgive her for, I just will forget about it…

When I saw her, I was making her moms sandwhich with her standing against the wall, I double taked when I saw her, as she did the same, we both recognized each other and started giggling immediately like schoolgirls. After i had finished making her mothers sub, I ran out of the back door, and jumped into her embrace, and we stood there hugging for about 5 whole minutes. I almost cried, it was such a beautiful moment. 

I found out she was doing well for herself and she was happy, which in turn made me one of the happiest people ever, at that point in time. Then we said our goodbyes and she walked out the door with her mother.

I stood there, smiling to myself for the next half an hour as I worked.

It doesn’t help me that she got even hotter since the last time i saw her… 

I don’t really have a “type” per se, but If the guy doesn’t know the difference between Boba and Jango Fett, i can’t date him.
My answer to the question “What is your ‘type’ of guy”
I’m stealing this Challenge from someone(manwithoutborders). I thought it was interesting. PLEASE do this :))

Send me a message. In it, explain why you are the better choice as a boyfriend or girlfriend than everyone else who may message me (even if you aren’t interested or are taken). I want to hear what you take pride in, your passions, pursuits and dreams. Be detailed and wordy (even flirty?! why not!?)!  Tell stories or give long-winded (but entertaining) explanations. I know I’m probably not worth your efforts as partner, but I do feel that learning a bit about my followers is a good endeavor. I also promise to give constructive feedback! Since you are messaging these to me, I won’t publish them unless you give me explicit permission to do so.

I’m so glad that I have that type of relationship that if I text him and he doesn’t text back for a half an hour, then explains that it was because he was in a battleground, I can fully understand that.

And when he comes over, and I’m fishing for a sea pony, he’ll jump into a conversation with me to make my fishing more enjoyable and wait a half an hour till I’m done, and not get mad.

I love him

"You know you love someone, when their interests become your own."

I heard that quote somewhere, or something extremely similar, anyone know where it’s from?

My mom told me, if i was going to start seeing my ex again, then I needed to follow some rules, to guide myself on, she said, go on 7 dates with him before you become bf/gf again, and 14 till you are aloud to sleep with him again(we had an intimate  8 month relationship before everything bad happened, and waiting would help see true motives) It’s been 3 dates now, and I’m starting to understand that he really is sorry for everything he did in the past to make us break up, and that he really does want to start anew, and for good reasons, not selfish sex reasons, or something. As of yesterday, i had decided that, I wasnt going to follow my mothers plan, and count dates. fuck that, I don’t need dates to see he’s changed for the better, for me. This was YESTERDAY when i decided this(didnt tell him)

Today, he took me to the mall, and we went around aimlessly window shopping, and HE pulled ME into Zales Jewelers, turns out, he’s planning on buying me a promise ring, if we really do get back together, and become serious again. It’s the promise ring that i had pointed to, about 4 months ago(when we were still dating, obviously) when him and I had went with my mom to find her a ring for her boyfriend. The ring, is white gold, has 2 hearts that connect, and has both our birthstones in it, His is Diamond, and mine is Garnet, It’s gorgeous.

This all left me very speechless at the mall, i didn’t know what to do, or what to say. I just was in complete awe, and told him he really didnt have to get me anything, and he said, “Consider it a Christmas present, and when that time comes and we’re happily dating again, I’ll get it for you.”

I’m still very much in awe, that he is willing to spend so much money on me. I really do believe he doesnt have to get me SHIT, I’d still get back with him regardless<3

The truth can be harsh, but its what needs to be said.

You don’t think i already feel bad enough? Nono, telling me you think you might love me won’t make me feel worse(sarcasm).

Yeah, I understand things suck right now for you, because i said we should be friends, But I’m taking this time to figure out what really makes me happy, because that’s what really matters to me, Is MY happiness.

What i really and honestly think i should do, is talk things over with my ex and see about all that, because I do still miss him, and being with him, and having such a mature, non high-school drama relationship.

It will suck, and I’m sorry, but in my opinion, everyone needs their heart broken or hurt at least once in their life, to REALLY appreciate everything they have.

To sum up, we will be friends, and i’m not just saying that to start ditching you, i mean, BE FRIENDS, hang out at lunch in school, and chill together in drama.


If you want to,

I don’t understand why most girls don’t like terms of endearment, or pet names.
I think it’s adorable, there’s only 3 I rather not be called. Don’t call me babe, baby, or Hun. And we’re golden.
Clever cute names for the win :)

He calls me, Doll :3 
It’s old fashioned, it’s so cute.

Facebook Official?

Why does it need to be? Can two people not be "in a relationship" without it all over facebook? Can two people not be boyfriend and girlfriend without it being all over facebook? Personally i don’t think it matters. People survived just fine BEFORE facebook was even here. But for some reason in today’s society, you need to plaster your life all over the internet.

I wouldn’t really have a problem posting it on facebook if there wasn’t all that drama that goes along with it. Yes i know, me and my ex broke up a month ago, and it may be “too soon” but why can’t i move on and be happy without all my family members, friends, and people who are just facebook friends seeing it. I REALLY don’t get this. I don’t want your LIKES, or your COMMENTS, I don’t need your APPROVAL on who i date.

And then I get people looking looking down on me(or at least thats how it looks) for not making it facebook official. Like I’m really going to fuck with this sweet boy’s heart like that. :/ just a tad bit upsetting to me.