SLYTHERIN. As expected.

This really does sound like me.

Here is a list of stupid and useless things I want.

A Hearthstone Necklace

The DRUID Dogtag.

Link’s Hat.

A Boba Fett Hoodie

A new Ocarina, this time a 6 hole one.

A Slytherin Necklace.

Horde Shirt

Druid Shirt

All of which would cost at the very least, $187… NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING… I dont think I can get all this stuff…

This is honestly getting insane. Pottermore said it would be open to the public a long ass time ago, and its STILL not open. Sort me into Slytherin already! >.<

Christmas and my birthday need to hurry up, so I can maybe get some money for all the useless things I want…


  • My Horde hoodie,
  • My “I’m only here because my server is down” t-shirt,
  • My Slytherin necklace,
  • My Boba Fett helmet,
  • The beautiful Guan Dao they have for sale in Zen Garden,
  • Legends of Zelda Skyward Sword,
  • and last red hair dye.

GAWD, reading back over this list… I’m a DORK!

I need money for this stuff, because my family doesnt agree with buying me stupid things.

Truth is: I really only want to join Pottermore to see which house I’m sorted into. after that, I know I’m not gonna play it.

I bet I’ll be a Slytherin. I consider myself sly/cunning, resourceful, I like power, I’d do anything to get what i want. Besides… Slytherin is where the Badasses go ;D

Today for costume day at school…

There we WAY too many Gryffindors. >.>

clearly people don’t know, that Slytherin is where its at ;D