Today is Holocaust class,

We we’re talking about morals and ethics, and we made our own code of ethics.

and we got into a debate, and one guy said “I don’t believe gay marriage is okay.” so i decided, this was my debate, I asked Why, he said because it was wrong. and I said, so how about a Woman and Woman relationship, he said that was alright.

Da Fuck? Lesbians are fine, but to have a man to man relationship is WRONG? He continued to state bogas things about it all, so I just turned around, because I couldn’t take the giant pile of Ignorance and Sexism that was coming out of his mouth.

Facebook Official?

Why does it need to be? Can two people not be "in a relationship" without it all over facebook? Can two people not be boyfriend and girlfriend without it being all over facebook? Personally i don’t think it matters. People survived just fine BEFORE facebook was even here. But for some reason in today’s society, you need to plaster your life all over the internet.

I wouldn’t really have a problem posting it on facebook if there wasn’t all that drama that goes along with it. Yes i know, me and my ex broke up a month ago, and it may be “too soon” but why can’t i move on and be happy without all my family members, friends, and people who are just facebook friends seeing it. I REALLY don’t get this. I don’t want your LIKES, or your COMMENTS, I don’t need your APPROVAL on who i date.

And then I get people looking looking down on me(or at least thats how it looks) for not making it facebook official. Like I’m really going to fuck with this sweet boy’s heart like that. :/ just a tad bit upsetting to me.