Navithefairy: People on Tumblr just don't fully understand trolls and being trolled.
Mageyoulook: I know right, like there should be a manual you have to read before you signing up for tumblr. And not the shit you skip and just press ‘i accept’ either xD
WoW dilemma,

Now that I’ve actually started playing my Tauren Druid, i have her to 45, but now im really wishing she was a troll, cause they look so much cooler in cat form…

Race changes are too expensive, and im waaaaay too lazy to level up another feral Druid ALL over again……..ugh

Lord of the Rings 30 Day Challenge!

Day 19: Worst Fight Sequence:

There was no WORST, all the fights were great, but I guess in favor of answering the question, My least favorite Fight battle thing was inside the Mines of Moria, when they were fighting the Troll and Orcs. Frodo is a pussy and drops his sword when the troll comes after him, everyone else is being a badass and doing their own thing to help win, and suddenly, ITS ALL ABOUT FRODO! lol (I’m really one-sided, I dont like frodo at all) lol But the whole thing didnt really have that much pull on it, and didnt capture my attention with the whole anti-climactic scene leading to gandalf being taken by the Balrog(which i thought was amazing) lol