Who needs a boyfriend when you have Cataclysm and Corza?
Fuck the Swift Lovebird.

That thing is ugly, all I wanted was Peddlefeet <3

I don’t understand people on WoW. They kick you for having bad dps, because you’re a fresh 85 and have shit gear…

Well how am I supposed to get better gear if you’re kicking me!?

At least I try and i’m not causing any wipes or anything

6:45 AM and I have my first 85 :3 

I’m such a nooblet.

Now it is time for bed. goodnight everyone<3

I just got a great idea.

Play WoW with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack playing behind me <3



I was surprised to find out the return address was Germany xD

I think it’s sad when I rather play WoW than have social contact. Lol

What’s sadder is the “social contact” is my boyfriend.


Navi: If World of Warcraft was virtual reality, and you were inside the game, running around, what race would you be?
Corza: Undead, what would you be?
Navi: Blood Elf! I'd wanna be hot still!
Corza: I'd still bang you, but I think it might fall off.

Gah! I’m conflicted. I always used to be for the horde, and now that I’m playing with Corza im playing Alliance. >.

Can’t sleep, wanted to browse 4chan for the lulz it always gives me instead, I find every word replaced with a black censorship bar. I just want SOPA to stop so everyone can go back to normal… Oh well, I guess im going to level up my hunter instead. Northrend here we goooo.