Rogue by *AlcoholicRattleSnake
Reading X-Men, Magneto Testament.

It’s fuckin’ good! So glad I found it on Goodreads, and got it at the library <3

Logan: If you could have sex with a mutant from X-Men which one would you pick?
Me: Have you seen X-Men First Class?
Logan: YES
Me: Magneto and Azazel from that movie.
Logan: AZAZEL?!?! WHY?!
Me: Because, he could play with my clit with his tail and fuck me in the air as he poofs us to different places.
Logan: ...I wish I was a mutant...
Went to the library today,

I got 6 books and reserved one.

4 of which are comic books.

Magneto, Thor, Daredevil and The Green Lantern. My favorites <3

Everyone started noticing Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games.

I’m sorry, she was hot as Mystique in X-Men First class before The Hunger Games. 

You have the most incredible cellular structure I’ve ever seen!
Hank McCoy(Beast) X-Men First Class
I’m curious.

Who is your favorite Superhero/Supervillian/Mutant?